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Episode #13: Tesla: Inventor of the Modern

We have an excellent show in store for you today about the life and innovations of Nikola Tesla. My guest today is Richard Munson. Dick is the Director of Midwest Clean Energy for the Environmental Defense Fund. He is the author of five books on the history of science and technology, government energy policy, and the electricity industry.


Dick joins me to discuss his newest book Tesla: Inventor of the Modern. Some of the things we cover in our discussion are Nikola Tesla's early childhood in Serbia under the parentage of a distant father, Tesla's employment and eventual rivalry with the inventor Thomas Edison, and how Tesla's invention of the AC electricity system provides the basis for our modern way of life but is unfortunately too often forgotten in American history.

Key Points in Today's Podcast

Some of the major topics I discuss with Dick in this episode are:

For the Ever Curious

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, consider checking out these resources:

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