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Episode 31: Franklin & Washington

Hamilton. Madison. Jefferson. Adams. Henry. Hancock. The Founding Fathers of the United States are many. But the two names that loom large above the rest are Benjamin Franklin and George Washington.

Countless biographies have been written about the two "indispensable men," but my guest today has extensively studied the thirty-year relationship between them. Edward J. Larson holds a PhD in the history of science and is currently a professor of history and law at Pepperdine University. He has written several books on American scientific history as well as the American Revolution and Early Republic.

Edward's latest book Franklin & Washington: The Founding Partnership explores how the Pennsylvania printer and Virginia planter first met during the French and Indian War, how they became integral to the success of American Independence, and why the new nation turned to them when it came time to draft the Constitution.

Key Points in Today's Podcast Some of the major topics I discuss with Ed in this episode are:

  • The lives of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington prior to their meeting

  • Their first acquaintance during the French and Indian War

  • How their fame and popularity made them key figures in American Independence

  • What "retirement" looked like for Franklin and Washington after the American Revolution

  • How they exemplified leadership during the Constitutional Convention

  • What we can learn from this "founding partnership"

For the Ever Curious If you are interested in reading more from Edward J Larson:

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