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Episode 22: Bush Runner

My guest today is Mark Bourrie. Mark is a lawyer, journalist, and author from Canada who holds a PhD in media history. He has written over a dozen books on the history of Canada and the Great Lakes as well as contemporary issues facing the field of journalism.

Mark's latest book Bush Runner: The Adventures of Pierre-Esprit Radisson, profiles a 17th century adventurer from his early adulthood living among the Mohawk to his travels to England where he befriended King Charles II and survived the Great Fire of London to his being shipwrecked with Dutch pirates in the Caribbean. Radisson was a fur trader and entrepreneur as well as an admitted cannibal and a traitor to nearly every power in the New World. He was a founding member of the Hudson's Bay Company that still does business today some 350 years later and he is the namesake of the Radisson chain of hotels. It seems that if there was something worth doing in the 1600s, Radisson did it. 

Key Points in Today's Podcast

Some of the major topics Jess, Joe and I discuss with Mark in this episode are:

  • How Radisson came to be adopted by the Mohawk

  • Radisson's amazing capacity for survival in all circumstances

  • Radisson's entry into the booming North American fur trade industry

  • How Radisson befriended King Charles II and played competing factions in London off one another

  • Radissons unfortunate luck in getting ousted from the Hudson's Bay Company and deserted on an island with pirates

For the Ever Curious

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Cutting Class Podcast - Today I am joined by the hosts of Cutting Class Podcast. Jess and Joe are two high school history teachers from Tennessee who made a podcast around all the crazy things in history they would love to share with their students if they had more time. Cutting Class Podcast is a mixture of history and comedy that is always as funny as it is educational. You can check out Cutting Class Podcast wherever you get your podcasts.

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